Please select a type of required training as mentioned below.

  1. In your crewing office, managing office or individually.
  2. Visiting a vessel in a port or joining her for a period of time.
  3. Any combined type of training as above.

A training program is available on your request. Our style is a mentoring and discussion.

Look at some topics here, additionally to those displayed on this website: a/ Typical Shipboard Management Plans familiarization (Garbage, Sewage, Ballast, VOC, SMPEP, STS, Security, VRP, SOLAS Training Manual, COW, IGS, VECS, e.t.c.); b/ USA REGULATORY COMPLIANCE,incl. USEPA NPDES VGP; c/ Chemical tanker practical matters, blending cargoes; d/ Crude and petroleum cargo operation, ISGOTT requirements; e/ ISM and ISPS topics, incl. Audits, management of Near-Misses, observations and NC, Risk Assessment, Incident Investigation, SMS Review, Safety initiatives like a SHELL ‘Step Change for Safety’; f/ Latest News in Marine Industry,Flag and IMO; g/ CoSWP – records and practical issues, Work Permits system; h/Prevention of Bunker claims; i/ STS operations in US Gulf; j/Maintenance and Review of BPG, Nautical publications, incl. NP231, 232, NP294, NP100,NP5012, maintenance of ADP,e-NP, ADC, IMO bookshelf applications;  k/CDI and VIQ questionnaire familiarization or detailed review along with TMSA, Q88, HVPQ5, Officers matrix requirements;  l/Working with ENC providers for ECDIS (GNS, Jeppesen, MPC , Transas); m/Master-Pilot xchange, Passage Planning and UKC calculations; n/Safe anchoring with Electric windlass; o/NAPA and SM-88 cargo loading computer program familiarization ; p/Tanks cleaning (chem., vegoils), IBC Code,IMDG,NIOP-FOSFA,Fitness Certificate, P&A Manual, Safety Guide,coating resistance list, CHRIS Code ; Cargoes Compatibility; q/Any type of Drills onboard or table-top ashore; r/Understanding of C/P requirements, LOF-2011; s/Any training within a scope of advanced practice of Captain/ Marine Supt./ Operator/ Cargo Surveyor / ISM and ISPS auditors / Flag Inspectors can be requested here.

We teach and expertise seamen for a dozen of years, being at sea and ashore. Most of our topics are not simply lectures.We try keep our program beyond of IMO module courses, relying on pragmatic, practical tasks. The Training report will be issued on a completion of requested topics.

For a travelling purposes: all seagoing documents are valid , incl. medical exam certificates (issued by Russian and/or the USA authorities).



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